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Bugmad customs services include;


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From a dented wing, to a full respray inside and out, we do all the repairs, prep, and paintwork in house.

MOT Repairs

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We can undertake all repairs associated with any MOT failure and more. We use a respected local MOT station who are familiar with the joys of owning such unique vehicles.


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We can patch small holes or full on flinstone examples. Whole floor panels or heater channels aren't a problem either.


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Do your indicators flash randomly when you press your brakes? or does your horn have a mind of its own? We've had the same problems on our own cars so can generally find the problem quickly.


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From a simple engine service to a full rebuild, performance or stock. Flat spots or rough idling are common, and can usually be fixed with a bit of knowhow and a good ear for that perfect engine tone.


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Brakes, Wheel Bearings, Steering, Suspension and everything in between, Nothing is too greasy or rusty for us to sort.

Suspension lowering

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Its a common question we get asked........How low can you go? Answer...... As low as you want! Just want to drop the nose? or scrape cats eyes from the road?